Are you deliberating before purchasing a piece? Are you looking for a specific painting? Are you interested in building an art collection (or expanding an existing one?) Are you searching for a professional objective opinion? You are welcome to open a service call at Art-Me website.

The service calls in the website are examined carefully, specifically and according to the customer and the pieces in question. The website team is obligated to provide the most professional response while keeping complete discretion. The counseling is provided regarding both local and international art.

Service while purchasing or selling pieces:

  Professional opinion on the piece’s quality.

  Objective recommendation about the relevant prices range.

  Counseling regarding the profitability of purchasing the art piece.

  Investigation on the piece from previous sales and/or catalogs.

Looking fop a specific piece?

In Art-Me website we will be happy to search the piece for you in catalogs, sales, galleries, collections et cetera.

Services for art collectors:

Help with building collections for commercial companies, collectors, private customers, educational institutions, public institutions et cetera.

You are interested in building art collection? In Art-Me website you can enjoy professional guidance right from the first stages. From locating the most suitable artists for you, searching the movements that specifically speaking to you and finding pieces in the relevant budget limits.

Do you have art collection? Are you interested in selling or upgrading the collection? The team in Art-Me website will be happy to help you examining possible ways of action.

Service for artists families

Many times, artists families hold a resource of painting and pieces which worth they want to examine, display them in public, build a collection with them et cetera. Notice that this is a very sensitive issue. Quick or wrong handling with the pieces might be expressed in series of mistakes. For instance, wrong exposure of the piece to the public, hurting the artist’s name (non intentionally, of course), lack of knowledge about the powers who work behind the art and dealership market, lack of the right connections to a proper exposure of the pieces and more.

In Art-Me website you can receive professional and objective counseling that specifically suitable for artists families. The pieces will be examined in the most professional manner regarding the pricing, escorting, marketing and selling. The service start first and foremost with  true understanding of the requirements of the collection’s family or owner. After that, the website team will help planning wise and correct strategy for the pieces as a whole.

The main purpose of the service is to create for the family a passage into the art world while keeping the most important thing – the artist legacy.


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